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    ​​​​​​​Sword and Sorcery: Say Hello To ‘Testament: The Order of High Human’, Your Next First-Person Metroidvania Action-Adventure

    Fairyship Games, a US-based developer with a focus on narrative-based games, is excited to announce Testament: The Order of High Human, the studio’s forthcoming action-adventure RPG set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world.

    In development for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, Testament: The Order of High Human is an original first-person, story-based adventure with strong RPG and Metroidvania elements. Players will find themselves taking on the role of Aran – the king of High humans in the land of Tessara – as he serves as the guardian of the realm. Aran has been betrayed by his brother, Arva, and robbed of his powers as the world around him is plunged into darkness and overrun by monsters.

    Players will be tasked with regaining his powers and confronting Arva to restore Tessara to its former glory, upgrading his sword, bow, and magic abilities as they go to develop their own unique fighting style.

    In short, Testament: The Order of High Human is a tale of a fallen king’s journey to save his realm from darkness and destruction, which – as co-creator and studio co-founder Moe Naderi explains – pays homage to leagues of different games and genres. ‘

    In Testament: The Order of High Human you will:

    • Experience an immersive combat style based around three different approaches, each one designed to offer their own unique traits that allows the player to rely on it to get through the majority of play.
    • Master sword game-play with a variation of destructive and elemental combos.
    • Take charge of 15 magic abilities including single-target spells, traps, Area of Effect (AoE attacks), Damage per Second (DPS), and defensive spells.
    • Utilize a magical bow with four different types of arrows such as normal arrow, ricochet arrow, explosive arrow, and passthrough arrow.
    • Take advantage of a grand XP and upgrade system that motivates players to fully explore every land and dungeon.
    • Experience unique gameplay areas with exciting platforming that reminds of the nostalgic excitement from retro 2D platformers.
    • Take charge of a brand new ‘Eclipse System’ based on gameplay entities called eyes of darkness and it consists of 3 different gameplay mechanics that can work separately or together to deliver exciting encounters and challenges.
    • Use more than 18 consumables at the player’s disposal. These craftable items can effect the player’s health and mana or create enhancements on the players belongings and surroundings. Using them together can deliver advantages to help players shape their own playing style.
    • Take on more than 40 main and side-quests, carefully crafted and relevant to the games consistent storytelling.
    • Experience strong and engaging storytelling with a nonlinear narrative style.

    Testament: The Order of High Human has been in development for the past four and a half years by a small team of 30 people with a passion for storytelling. The game’s launch dates for PC and console are yet to be announced.

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