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    The Chinese Final Fantasy, ‘Sword & Fairy 6’, is coming to your PlayStation 4 this April.


    The Chinese Final Fantasy Incoming.

    Tired of Western-made Role-Playing Games (RPG) being predictable with their Nordic and Goth appeal? Or maybe you just need some fresh air from the overly repetitive cliche of the Japanese RPGs (JRPG). Well, get ready for some ‘Xian Xia*’ experience as the independent developer and publisher, Eastasiasoft Limited, alongside Taipei based developer, Softstar Entertainment, has just announced that Sword & Fairy 6, the popular Chinese 3D fantasy RPG is coming to the PlayStation 4 this April.


    Xian Xia* – Is a genre in Chinese Literature that is similar to Wuxia (Martial Heroes). While the Wuxia genre focus on human heroes in the human world, the Xian Xia genre are stories about – Human-Demons-Fairies (Deities) in Chinese Mythology.


    Menu Screen. The Art is kinda Final Fantasy-ish eh?


    First time on the PlayStation but this is NOT A NEW GAME.
    This would be the first appearance into the PlayStation console by the Sword & Fairy franchise, most of its previous release was exclusive to the Windows PC platform. Sword and Fairy 6 was released on Windows PC in 2015 in China and Taiwan, followed by a worldwide release two years later on 2017. That being said, this is not a new game, it’s merely ported over to the PlayStation 4 (PS4).

    Graphics are so-so based on the latest screenshots we’ve seen. We’ve compiled a library of them for you to view at the end of the article.


    Game Trailer


    About Sword & Fairy 6

    In Sword & Fairy 6, players will set forth into a world based on Chinese mythology and embark on a journey to uncover ancient secrets and slumbering beasts in a world torn by warring factions and deception. Freely explore a world of hidden items and abandoned paths while customizing your party and weapons to your heart’s desire.

    Choose the playstyle of your characters and weapons, combining unique attributes and combinations – and even morphing the way your weapon looks and attacks. Fuse real-time and turn-based combat to one, with options to freely select what suits your playstyle. Command the battlefield with strategic formations on your quest for answers.

    The game combines free exploration and seamless transitions from cut scenes to battle scenarios. The battle system offers a unique fusion of real-time and turn-based combat, with various options that suit different play styles.


    Game Features:

    • Explore a world of ancient Chinese mythology!
    • A fusion of real-time and turn-based combat, with player customization!
    • Use formations & skills to break through enemy defenses!
    • Adaptive and compelling difficulty options!
    • Seamless transitions from cut scenes to scenario battles!
    • Free exploration, including vertically!
    • Customize your weapon’s look and attacks!
    • Earn reputation by completing quests and finding items!
    • Play a variety of mini-games and puzzles scattered through the world!


    50 Hours of Gameplay and 6 Free DLCs.
    With an extensive main story quest, numerous side quests, various difficulty options, customizable weapons, a variety of mini-games and puzzles, and six DLCs included at no additional cost, Sword & Fairy 6 guarantees players more than 50 hours of exciting gameplay.


    It was so well received it got made into a drama.
    Sword & Fairy is one of the most popular role-playing game series in China, with a total of eight installments, enjoyed by millions of players. The franchise was also adopted into the Chinese television drama, Chinese Paladin.


    Physical Edition (limited)

    A physical limited edition of Sword & Fairy 6 will be available for pre-order through retail partner Playasia on February 21, 2019.

    • A physical copy of the game (region free)
    • A full-color printed manual
    • An original soundtrack CD
    • An individually numbered collector’s certificate
    • A collector’s box (with a beautifully embossed logo)


    Coming Soon.
    Sword & Fairy 6 for PlayStation 4 will launch on the PlayStation Store North America on April 2, 2019, for US$26.99 and in Europe and Asia on April 3, 2019, for (RM 116 est) €26.99, £22.49*, HK$211, TW$874.

    *£ price is indicative and subject to change

    Sword & Fairy 6 is fully voiced in Mandarin Chinese and playable in English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

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