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    Light-hearted trailer hitching fun in PAKO Caravan for the Nintendo Switch

    Tree Men Games is bringing their “trailer hitcher” title to the Nintendo Switch. PAKO Caravan is a mix of elements from the original Pako games and tried-and-true, classic snake games. Trailer below:

    Players collect trailers to grow their caravan ever longer, as they try not to crash into themselves or anything else that might pop up in each stage. Additionally, things like jump mechanics, lawn mowing, and tons of other little twists add variety to the gameplay level by level.

    The game suits players of all kinds. It offers the instant fun of making your caravan as long as possible, but it is equally exciting and challenging for players who want to sink more time into it.

    Game features:

    • Fill the levels with your ever growing caravan!
    • 15 levels in various not very realistic locations
    • Cool cars, hundreds of trailers and special tricks in every level
    • 150 tasks to complete
    • Easy controls but hard to master!

    PAKO Caravan will be out for the Nintendo Switch on 2nd March 2021.

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