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    Switch: Neo Cab

    Now you get to feel what it’s like to be an Uber/ Grab /Cab driver in the future with Neo Cab, previously booked and released for PC has now been announced for Nintendo Switch by publisher Fellow Traveller and developer Chance Agency.


    You are the last surviving human cab driver in an autonomous world

    As Lina Romero, navigate your way on the neon streets of Los Ojos from the Neo Cab map. You may need to choose your passengers and words wisely while balancing your cash, star rating and emotional health just to survive.


    Driving key features are as follows:

    • Feel the noir mystery while uncovering random encounters and NPC’s
    • It will have an interactive story with multiple choices branching story-line written by Leigh Alexander, Kim Bellair, Bruno Dias, Duncan Fyfe, Paula Rogers & Robin Sloan
    • Original soundtrack by Obfusc


    This driving game is still under development but is set for a 2019 release on the Nintendo Switch.



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