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    Switch: Good News! You no longer need to read Manga/Comic for free! You can soon read it for $8 per month on your Switch!

    Yes, you are right. I was being sarcastic in the title. You must be a genius.

    Yes, I was being sarcastic again. You rocket scientist you!

    Anyway, let us present you the most amazing news for the Nintendo Switch this year! Yep, I did it again.

    InkyPen, an app company, has announced a new way to read comics using your Nintendo Switch. Users will be able to flip pages using the Joy-Con or by touchscreen. InkyPen will be subscription based app, trying to bring manga and comics books to the international Switch community. However, at the current moment, it does not offer Marvel or DC comics.

    The thoughtful app maker will be charging an $8.00 USD/month subscription (RM 32.80) for the manga reader. The App is expected to launch in November 2018. wtf right?


    But yeah, by now some of you must have reached the same conclusion as I did. “We could have read the same stuff for free on our phones, laptops, iPads/tablets, etc.” and that Joy-Con navigation scheme didn’t even look comfortable, especially when some serious shit is going down in a particular episode and you try to chase down the pages. But well, who knows? Maybe I’ll like it, maybe won’t. Probably won’t. Definitely won’t. But hey, maybe I will? Nah… 8 fooking bucks mate.






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