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    Switch: Darkwood

    Previously terrorizing PC gamers since August 2017, Darkwood by developerAcid Wizard Studio has been confirmed to be coming to haunt the Nintendo eShop as well.



    A top-down horror experience

    No matter the view, horror will always be terrifying. As you scavenge the rich while hunkering down in your hideout by night. Your torchlight in front of you is your only source of visibility in the nights with dark unknowns lingering around.

    Haunting features:

    • Explore randomly generated woods for materials by day, craft weapons and hopefully discover secrets
    • Barricade by night, set up traps while hiding or fend with the weapons your crafted
    • Extract essences from plants and flora in the wild and inject yourself with skills or perks
    • Make decisions that will place an impact into the Darkwood including its inhabitants
    • Meet and greet other NPC’s with their stories and fate, but don’t trust anyone


    This game will come into light via Nintendo eShop in May 2019.

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