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    STYLIT – A 3D Styling Game Will Officially Be Released In March

    Rubycuve, a global content development company, today reveals the release date of the 3D styling game, STYLIT with a teaser video below:


    Make your own style

    STYLIT, which is a 3D Styling game, allowing users to style up their 3D characters with a variety of clothes and accessories and interact and communicate with others by showing off styling, will be released worldwide in March 2020.

    STYLIT offers engaging contents as per the following:

    • ‘Style Request’ becoming a stylist and ‘Style Contest’, which users can create outfits with thousands of fashion items by a weekly theme.
    • Interact with like-minded users via comments and likes.

    Ahead of its official release, a teaser video for STYLIT published on the official Youtube channel today is offering a glimpse of the concept of the game through not only realistic 3D clothes but also fashion items such as bags, shoes, and hats.

    “We plan to update news on release as well as engaging content on FacebookInstagram and Twitter to meet high expectations from all of those who have been expecting STYLIT- We appreciate the significant interest and will keep you updated on the release date of STYLIT through our official social media”

    –Dongpyo Lee, CEO of Rubycuve


    As of March, STYLIT will be available to download worldwide and the pre-registration will be available via App Store and Google Play. Stay tuned for more.

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