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    Street Fighter 6 Introduces Dynamic Controls

    At a press of a button, unleash a combo of your preference as Capcom shares the feature called Dynamic Controls to Street Fighter 6.

    As shown in the trailer above, Dynamic Control type is an offline-only mode that executes exhilarating actions at the press of a button. Depending on your positioning, the AI will select certain actions to match the situation. It’s a great way for casual matches against friends and family, and for newer players to get familiar with the basics!

    • Unleash combos at a close range with one button!
    • At mid-range, the AI could choose a move to close the gap, like a jump attack!
    • Projectiles and dashes are performed at long range! This control type is only available for certain modes in Fighting Ground. There are also different attack options available besides from Auto-Attack.
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