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    Strategize And Splat In Tower Defense Game No Creeps Were Harmed TD

    Ready to make a mess? No Creeps Were Harmed TD, the strategic tower defense game from Developer MinMax Games, has officially launched into Steam Early Access. Obliterate an endless swarm of ever-evolving creeps in the most mechanically complex tower defense game found across the genre.

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    Strategically control the field of massive 3D maps with fully simulated ballistics to help destroy the ever-evolving enemies. Harness the power of dozens of fully upgradable and programmable turrets, as well as a range of abilities that will annihilate anything in the creeps’ paths. Whether solo or with a friend, devise calamitous mazes and splat the creeps in a glorious, messy fashion!

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    No Creeps strikes a keen balance of both deep strategy and an approachable arcade experience. There are nearly endless opportunities and avenues on how you can destroy the creeps. Take full control of the weaponry and actively choose which creeps to target. Manage line of sight and firing solutions, or hike your turrets up on top of walls for an elevated advantage. Every turret has multiple avenues of upgrades as well, so rack up experience and bolster your armaments for destructive successive runs.

    Key Features:

    • Play a variety of complex, twisted, and gravity-defying maps that fully support maze building in a 3D environment.
    • Employ dozens of upgradable turrets ranging from Splatter Shotguns, to Flame Turbines, and Chain Lightning Blasters.
    • Call down devastating abilities such as the Vortex Bomb that can devour creeps into a tiny black hole.
    • Encounter many different creeps with unique behaviors designed to mess with your preconceptions.
    • Complex 3D ballistics simulation often unseen in tower defense games.
    • Earn experience, unlocks and upgrades to give yourself an edge in the future.
    • Collect mysterious persistent artifacts that can drastically change the behaviour of your turrets!
    • Get greedy and control the flow of creeps to earn more income… or die spectacularly!
    • Increase your odds and play cooperatively with a friend.
    • A delightful blend of dark humor and bug guts. SPLAT!

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