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    Stormrite, an open-world Action-RPG sets up a KickStarter

    A new Kickstarter project titled Stormrite, set up by indie developer Kelechi Apakama features an exciting third-person open-world RPG set in the dark, fantasy-medieval kingdom of Redreach. You’ll play the role of a young squire, exploring a world full of chaos and conflict. Become a deadly assassin, learn the arts of dark magic, or lead your armies into a large-scale war. The choice is yours!. The game is currently planned for Xbox and PC Steam release in Q4 2022.


    Across the land, there were drawings and scratchings on the walls that hinted at the
    existence of some greater being. A being that could control time, the earth, the underworld, and anything else the human mind could perceive. There were drawings of it creating tornadoes, raising demons from the earth, and stopping time altogether. This being was feared across the land, and also worshipped by those who were too afraid to be afraid of it. They called it ‘Rek-Tu-Hiem’, ‘Requiem’ in modern terms.


    Human characters in Stormrite do not have any magical powers, and all powers are granted by focus crystals. To cast spells, players have to charge their focus via a crystal equipped to their character, with different crystals providing varying buffs and abilities to the player. Certain crystals in the endgame will give players immense power, and the more powerful crystals must be hunted for by the player. This system provides a contrast from the usual “regenerating mana bar” style of magic combat used in other games.


    The kingdom of Redreach lived in a state of constant fear, subject to an endless cycle of
    suffering by this all-powerful being until, one day, it seemingly vanished without a trace. For years, Redreach’s strongest minds attempted to gain some insight into where this being’s immense power came from, and how it somehow disappeared off the face of the Earth. These studies led to the discovery of the Stormrites, a series of powerful scrolls that, in the wrong hands, could lead to the end of all life as we know it.

    You will learn about the Stormrites while navigating the mysterious kingdom of Redreach, meeting friends and foes along the way, creating your own story in a quest that can ultimately end in one of two ways. You being a hero of the people, or becoming just as powerful and feared as Requiem itself. The choice is yours…


    Explore a vast open world filled with interesting landmarks and civilisations, learning skills
    and trades along the way from the people you meet in your journey across Redreach. You
    will begin in the small mining village of Silverhorn, a quiet settlement that is being terrorised by bandit travellers attempting to take control of the nearby silver mines. Whilst helping defend your neighbours from these thugs, you will discover dark secrets about the village and its residents, and its ties to the legendary tales of the Stormrites.

    Along your journey, your character will become increasingly entangled with the storyline of
    the Stormrites, potentially finding yourself in a position where you must save the kingdom
    from the terrors that could be unleashed by these powerful scrolls.

    From the intense droughts of the Southern deserts to the unforgiving winters of the North,
    Redreach has plenty of regions for you to explore, each with its own stories and legends.


    Stormrite is a fully single-player third-person experience. Your time will be spent going on
    enthralling quests, exploring the kingdom of Redreach and using various weapons and fighting techniques to dispose of your enemies. The three main styles of fighting are melee, ranged and magic. However, within each of these three categories, there are several choices of weapon/combat style for you to choose. For example, ranged players can choose to go for a traditional bow and arrow loadout, can choose to go for a more clunky but powerful crossbow style, or even a hybrid melee-ranged loadout utilising agility, daggers, and throwing knives.

    Magic-users can choose to cast spells that directly affect their enemies, summon companions to fight, or manipulate the very fabric of the world around them. You are also able to shoot spells into each other, resulting in some very interesting interactions that can be used to increase your options in combat.

    Melee users also have plenty of choices, with 5 fighting styles (and counting) to choose from, and abilities to aid with your battles.

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