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    Stellaris: Console Edition – Leviathans Story Pack

    A recent release of Leviathans Story Pack for Stellaris: Console Edition has been announced by developer Paradox Interactive. It will expand further on challenges and adventure for your space-faring needs as you come face to face with new dangers and rewards. Pricing of DLC is at 9.99USD/ 41.32 MYR.



    Space expansion comes with these new features:

    • Investigate or fight new entities with mysterious origins
    • Meet Enclaves, an independent traders and artist to exchange resources and information
    • Unlock more techs and loots
    • Side with one of the ancient fallen empires or strike them both
    • New art and music direction
    • Auto explore feature
    • Clearer specialization for ship types
    • Options to customize galaxies
    • Planner interface
    • Strategic resources

    Previously released in PC back in October 20, 2016. The pack is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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