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    Speaking Simulator Begins Hilarious World Domination on January 30

    Speaking Simulator, made by developer Affable Games is a hilarious game about an android struggling to infiltrate human society and will initiate its plan for world domination on Nintendo Switch on January 30 launching simultaneously alongside the previously announced PC and Mac versions coming to Steam.



    Play as an android

    Customize the android’s appearance, then utilize the latest in humanoid mouth technology to assimilate and ascend. How hard can talking to people be, anyway? Robots do not have social anxiety and the existential dread…right?

    Start off simple with first dates and job interviews, but as the android further ingrains itself into society, survive public speaking nightmares like wedding toasts and eulogies. Take too long between words or misplace the tongue and the robot will get nervous, causing its face to explode. Humans tend to find this suspicious. It’s hard to blend in when an android’s piston-powered tongue knocks out its teeth.

    Simultaneously flail the tongue and manoeuvre lips with tricky controls to simulate human speech. Speaking Simulator utilizes the most realistic gibberish system in all of gaming, created with real linguistic theory. One hand controls tongue placement, requiring quick presses on red buttons inside the mouth. The other hand elongates or purses the lips to form words. PC players can use webcams to control the android’s mouth movements.

    Chase a high score in each level by sounding like a natural speaker. Unlock new upgrades adding layers of difficulty and increasing the score threshold. Use Socio-Optic Dynamics to make just the right amount of eye contact and Expressive Facial Pistons for some good ol’ human eyebrow wiggling. When all that stress is too much, blow off steam at a club in Self Expression Mode, where humans and robots can dance the night away.

    “Words are hard, and a lot of us who are unquestionably human take that for granted- when we started making Speaking Simulator we realized the concept of pushing words out of mouth-holes is actually incredibly funny and gross, and therefore ripe for a comedy game.”

    -Jed Dawson, co-founder at Affable Games

    Launching on Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac via Steam on January 30, 2020, for Nintendo Switch and PC/Mac via Steam with multiple selections of languages from English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese

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