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    Relaxing platformer Lumini comes this January!

    Previously announced back in December 2019, the colourful swarms game called Lumini is making the first stop onto PlayStation 4 on January 21 as announced by developer Speelbaars and publisher 2Awesome Studios. The Xbox One version drops on 22nd of January and the Nintendo Switch will receive it on 24th of January. The game is priced at 9.99 €/$ and 8.39£/ 45.34 MYR, however, pre-orders on Xbox One or Nintendo Switch gives a 10% discount.



    Control a swarm of creatures that looks like flying fish

    Gain control of a glowing ancient race called Lumini and keep them safe as they grow in numbers including evolving during their challenging and perilous journey. Explore a beautiful yet elegant time-worn landscape, embrace the captivating music, escape predators and solve the mystery behind the extinction of the Lumini race.

    Lumini Key Features:

    • Experience a flow-based game with controls and gameplay affordable for all types of players.
    • Maintain fluid controls of both fish groups simultaneously while solving puzzles.
    • Add unique species to your swarm with new abilities
    • The audio score is immersive and fully adaptive.
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