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    Soundfall – An upcoming Musical Themed Game that actually look and sound promising!

    Developer Drastic Games has revealed their debut game, ‘Soundfall’ and it looked super amazing! Soundfall is a twin-stick shooter action/adventure game with a strong musical theme. Players assume the role of Melody, a talented young audiophile who for unknown reasons, was mysteriously transported to a world called Symphonia, where music comes to life. There, she embarks on an adventure to make new allies, learn new skills and collect legendary weapons in order to defeat the source of evil called Discord. Watch the debut trailer for the game below.



    The game is slated for a 2019 release, until then, here are some screenshots from the game courtesy of the game’s Official Website.


    Editor’s Note: Definitely one to look out for in 2019. If the music in the trailer is an active part of the gameplay’s accompanying track, then these guys (Drastic Games) are already ‘Aces in my book’. -Zozi



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