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    SOEDESCO To Debut New Cooking & Management Game, Magical Bakery, At Wholesome Direct 2024

    SOEDESCO announces a delightful blend of enchantment and baking as Magical Bakery, a captivating cooking and management game, launches on PC and consoles later this year.

    Details cooked up as shared in Steam:

    Welcome to a flour-filled magical world!
    Magical Bakery is a cooking and management, single-player game, set in an enchanted bakery that sells all sorts of sweets and pastries with a twist — they may contain traces of magic.

    Experience a life full of magic, challenges, and the joy of creating sweets that will leave a spellbinding impression on your customers. Become the ultimate magical baker and prove yourself worthy to inherit the Magical Bakery.

    Develop your skills in preparing magical confections
    As a young magical baker trainee of the Academy of Magical Bakers, it’s time to put your magical skills to the test! Create delectable treats and decorate them with magical sprinkles to solve your customers’ problems, warm their hearts, or simply make their day brighter.

    Unlock new ingredients and upgrade your shop
    Mix, knead, bake, and decorate with flair! Unlock new ingredients and upgrade your bakery with the help of two special NPCs. The merchant and blacksmith are ready to assist you in your quest to make your bakery the go-to spot for magical indulgence.

    Prove yourself worthy to inherit a magical bakery
    Your destiny awaits! Prove your mastery by passing exams at the Academy of Magical Bakers. Every Sunday, the examiner will visit to check your progress, so rise to the challenge and show your magical skills! Level up to unlock recipes and ingredients, and even harness the power of elementals. Inherit the shop from the old witch owner and bring new life to this magical haven.

    Key features

    • Experience a cozy management game where you run a magical bakeshop
    • Bake all sorts of sweets and pastries infused with magic to solve your customers’ problems and bring them joy
    • Develop skills, unlock new ingredients, and upgrade the bakery to your heart’s desire
    • Pass exams at the Academy of Magical Bakers to prove mastery and inherit the shop
    • Enjoy an adorable and whimsical visual style that is sure to delight players of all ages
    • Customize your character into your ideal magical baker look
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