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    Diablo Immortal New Class Tempest Has Arrive With A Splash

    Blizzard Entertainment has added a new class to Diablo Immortal called the Tempest. This is the second class with is uniquely available for Diablo Immortal after the Blood Knight class was added in July 2023.

    • TORRENTIAL TACTICS: Tempests are warrior-priests who have honed their abilities in manipulating wind and water. The Tempest is a fast-paced, high-mobility class that combines a deluge of destructive powers, like quick melee attacks, ranged knife-tipped whips that channel wind and water, AOE attacks and their projected Zephyrs, to sink their enemies.
    • ZEPHYR CONJURATION: The Tempest’s unique passive skill allows them to summon projected Zephyrs to fight alongside players. Mirroring the class’ abilities, Zephyrs are unlike typical point-and-protect classes, as they operate on a cooldown and can be used to quickly swap positions around the battlefield.
    • SAMPLING THE TEMPEST: North of the Dreadlands in a land known to outsiders as “The Cold Isles,” the once-mighty empire of Pelghain is assailed by ecological catastrophe. Players chart course as a Tempest warrior, embarking on a seafaring journey to rescue an island from its looming, watery grave.
    • PARAGON REWORK: The Paragon System has been simplified to be easier to understand and more flexible to players’ ideal fantasies. Players will retain ALL progress made on the Paragons so far, and can now choose any combination of 15 skills per Paragon tree.

    Learn more about the new class from the official blog post HERE.

    Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play action RPG which is available for iOS and Android mobile devices and PCs.

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