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    Short, simple and suspenseful in The Imagined Leviathan, coming to Steam

    Following the success of previous games such as The Night Fisherman and The Outcast Lover, developer Far Few Giants have brought The Imagined Leviathan narrative horror game to PC via Steam. The Imagined Leviathan focuses on stunning visuals, challenging survival and slick writing, the game is a political response to the impossibility of an ethical life in the modern world.

    Playable in 20 minutes, you’ll bear a message through the ever-present monochromatic blizzard towards Steel Henge, a place of great importance to humanity’s remnants. On the way you’ll scrape together twigs, moss, and stories to build fires to keep yourself from freezing. But a malevolent presence lurks between the trees, just out of reach.

    “The Imagined Leviathan is one of the most novel takes on horror I’ve seen in a long while. So much of it goes against contemporary horror design, and yet it all works perfectly.”

    Dread XP

    “A wonderfully disorientating and eerie little game with a great sense of atmosphere and interesting fireside musings.”

    Alpha Beta Gamer

    Game Features:

    • On your pilgrimage to Steel Henge you can only take what you can carry, so choose carefully what you leave behind.
    • Immerse yourself in this starkly monochromatic world as you scavenge for fuel, take shelter in the shadows, and burn stories to stay warm.
    • A malevolent presence lurks between the words, just out of reach.
    • Alone, you must sacrifice everything you knew to deliver the bitter truth of this world to future generations.
    • A brief but intense 20 minutes.

    The Imagined Leviathan is out now for PC via Steam.


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