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    Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance Adds A 13 minutes Complete Guide Video

    Atlus explains more in the complete guide video of Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance on what’s new and enhanced in this game since 2021. This includes new paths called cannon of creation/destruction which can be selected right from the start of the game with new forms and their own standalone storyline.

    More added features:

    • Added new monsters in past works with over 270 demons with new activities and to summon .
    • New joint short cinematic magatsuhi skills attacks by demons at your disposal depending on the composition of your party
    • Noted some of the demons party composition with specific inate skills will enhance your attacks too.
    • New Area Demon Haunts appears to be a form of hub where your demons and Npc’s will hangout and chill as well as taking pictures or conversing and giving gifts will have some rewards .

    Added new features such as :

    • Rails gliding aka fast travel within the world or accessing new hidden area
    • Increase levels to 150 depending on the criteria met
    • Virtual trainer
    • Reshuffle main characters parameters
    • New demon that can only be obtained via accidental fusions
    • New areas, map portions and dungeons to explore
    • Color coded in map areas to better differentiate elevations in levels
    • Demon navigators movements and pinpoints will be highlighted for better visibility
    • Ability to run around and dodge enemies on the field and still gain advantage in combat
    • Revisiting Tutorials in-game
    • More sidequests and variations of it.
    • Quests destinations can be viewed in map
    • The level difference between you and the enemies is more moderate in (assuming the damage), that its apparently mentioned to be easier to deal harder enemies with better tactics.
    • Other than auto attacks, Auto skill mode will hit enemies weak points quickly during auto-battle
    • Expanded options of graphic, control, and speed up skill cinematics
    • Added info to check on obtained demons essence
    • Enhanced sorting functions
    • Comparative demon compendium of original or custom data
    • Ability to look ‘above skyview’ ground to view your surroundings like a bird with added options to place markers.
    • Minimap can be rotated to match your ingame camera view.
    • Optional extreme difficulty mode can be activated

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