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    Samsung Student Offer Program Brings Exclusive Back to School Deals!

    Start Off Your New Semester in Style With The Samsung Student Offer Program

    The Samsung Student Offer Program enriches your education experience by gearing you with the latest Samsung products designed to inspire you throughout your education journey.

    Now, you can shop for special student educational deals’ including tablets, phones, wearables and more. Enjoy these exclusive offers to stay connected and maximize learning efficiency from the comforts of your home.

    The promotion is sure to excite as you get to enjoy plenty of value-added services along with benefits such as trade-in, 0% interest instalment plan, and free delivery. On top of that, you can save an extra 5% on your first purchase with the code: EPPWELCOME5.

    To get started, sign in or sign-up for a Samsung account and verify using your educational institution email ( Please visit the official site here to find out more about the Samsung Student Offer Program.

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