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    Root Letter: Last Answer coming to the PS4 and Switch with new additions!

    The devs at Kadokawa Games and publisher PQube have announced the upcoming release of Root Letter: Last Answer for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game comes with a few additions following the release of its award-winning visual novel back in 2016.


    Experience a visual novel like never before!

    The game follows in the footstep of Aya Fumino, a penfriend that was allegedly murdered 15 years ago. You as the player will have to uncover this mystery by looking for clues using the letters the both of you use to send to each other as guidance.

    Some additions that are prominent in the game:

    1. Live-Action Mode
    … or Drama-Mode will turn all scenes in the game into live-action versions, complete with real backgrounds of Shimane prefecture, reenacted and voiced by a total of 90 different actors!

    2. Four additional epilogues
    Find out how the thrilling story around Aya concludes in four different endings, including a “Government Conspiracy” route and a spooky one, titled “The Cursed Letter“! These are of course available in both modes.

    3. Quality-of-life tweaks

    Simplified story branches and an improved skipping function make reaching the true ending easier, while the menu now offers a clearer understanding of which routes have been completed.
    4. Technical improvements
    Handling the inventory and items have been reworked, enhanced response time will make navigating through the game smoother and new trophies have been added.
    Root Letter: Last Answer will be available in Europe and the US on August 30th and September 3rd respectively for both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. There will be a Day-One Edition of the game upon release, that includes a 100-page art book full of unreleased work.
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