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    Roguelite Tower Defense Deckbuilding game – Ratropolis presents a launch trailer

    Indie developer Cassel Games recently indulge tower defense fans with Ratropolis, a real-time strategy game filled with addictive and fast-paced gameplay. Create your deck, defend your city, and build the largest Ratropolis in history!. The game is out now on Pc Steam.

    Game details as shared on Steam.

    Ratropolis combines rogue-lite, deck building, and tower defence with real-time strategy gameplay. Lead your small rat outpost to safety and defend your rat citizens from predators and monstrous creatures. Build the largest ‘Ratropolis!’ and etch your name into rat history!

    Choose from over 500 cards of economy, building, military, and skill types to execute your strategic command. All leaders begin their journey with a deck of 8 basic cards. Building an efficient deck is key for protecting your rats from waves of rat-thirsty enemies. Add, remove, and upgrade your cards to create a deck worthy of a true leader!

    Defending your rats in the city will be a challenge. Get aid from advisers with talents in finance, defence, or leadership. They will provide you with better options when chaos arises. When the city falls your campaign will end, but with every end, a new beginning is born. Unlock new cards to expand your options and make each defence a new experience.

    Now lead Ratropolis to victory and save your Ratizens from destruction!

    Only Rat Features

    • Unique Gameplay: Real-time deck-building card game combined with rogue-lite and tower defence elements! Have you ever played anything like that before?
    • Very Addictive: Highly engaging and rapid gameplay that requires quick judgment and response
    • Replayability: Easy to play but difficult to master.
    • 100+ Events: Random decision events give you a new experience every time you play
    • 500+ Cards: Unlock new features and cards to become stronger after every game.
    • 6 Possible Endings: Choose your own adventure!
    • 6 Leaders! Each with their own play style and traits.
    • Lead Cute Rats, not Feral Cats!
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