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    Rogue Legacy 2 To Launch On PlayStation Plus June 20th

    Rogue Legacy 2 will release as a PlayStation Plus cross-buy title on June 20th. Delivering all the latest content updates to bring the PlayStation 4 and 5 release in line with existing platforms, Cellar Door Games are marking the occasion with a brand new trailer.

    The PlayStation release will feature Rogue Legacy 2’s final major update, the Swan Song, which delivers 3 New Special Game Modes (True Rogue, Thanatophobia, Thana-two-phobia), 3 new Fabled Weapons, and a new Boss encounter. Coupled with its prior Fabled Heroes update, the PlayStation release offers the defining experience for the genealogical rogue-LITE.

    Since Rogue Legacy 2 launched into Early Access in 2020, it has delivered 10 major updates, received over 12,000 Steam reviews (93% Very Positive), landed on three platforms and boasts an 89% average Open Critic rating.

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