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    R-Type-inspired side-scroller ‘Rigid Force Redux’ is out now PlayStation 4

    German games publisher Headup has released Rigid Force Redux on the PlayStation 4. Just in time for spicing up the Festive period with some good ol’ retro action.

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    Completely redeveloped by com8com1, Rigid Force Redux offers ultra-smooth arcade action in 60 FPS, with intense battles, stunning effects, detailed environments and an electrifying synthwave soundtrack by DREAMTIME feat. Michael Chait.

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    Arm your fighter in this classic side-scrolling shoot’em up in modern 3D! Blast off to take down hordes of infected aliens and dreadful machines programmed to wage an intergalactic war against mankind, just like the good ol’ days.

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    Battle it out against huge swarms of enemies, heavy gunships, laser wielding mechs and giant alien creatures. Every enemy has its own unique and challenging strategy, from the tiniest creature up to the largest boss. Arm your fighter with numerous upgradeable weapon systems and supplemental Force Shards! Collect Energy Orbs to fill up your energy supply and eventually unleash an extremely powerful blast against your foes! Just in case the extensive, action-packed Main Mission is not enough, try the challenging Arcade and Boss Rush Modes, defend your ranking in the global leaderboards and grab all 40 achievements.

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    • Classic side-scrolling shoot’em up action with modern 3D graphics
    • Smooth 60 FPS for fluid gameplay
    • Unique weapons and power-up systems inspired by the genre classics
    • A wide variety of enemies, challenging mid-bosses and enormous end bosses
    • An exciting story mode with animated cutscenes
    • Six different action-packed 3D stages
    • Additional Arcade and Boss Rush game modes for extended high score runs
    • Adjustable difficulty levels – for beginners to shmup masters
    • Improved UI and visuals, including a brand-new character design by Manga Artist Damurushi
    • Original synthwave soundtrack by DREAMTIME featuring Michael Chait
    • Leaderboards and 40 trophies

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