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    Ride 5: An Eye On The Mind And One On The Heart

    RIDE is a series that has no parallels in the panorama of digital two-wheelers because it speaks to the minds and the hearts of players at the same time. And when it comes to satisfying the former, we all know that the first thing we look at is the technological aspect of production.

    As for RIDE 5, as you probably already know, it will be Milestone’s first game made for new-gen only, a choice dictated by the desire to achieve the highest quality standards, achieved through a series of technical upgrades. Motorcycles will be improved, for example, focusing on glass, the rendering of materials, and their polygonal representation.

    About this, the improvement of the detail comes from the use of scans obtained with photogrammetry or with the CAD that their partners send them. This allows for greater fidelity to the original bikes and a more realistic rendering in-game. They would also like to put the emphasis on the new system designed to represent volumetric clouds, which will physically react to the changes of the light, and which will make the environments even more evocative and unpredictable thanks to the implementation of dynamic weather.

    The physics will also be improved with more customizable parameters and greater accuracy, while the player’s rivals will be managed by artificial intelligence that will feature different levels of antagonism, making them more or less aggressive when overtaking. Making a new-gen-only game gave them the possibility of offering all these features at the same time, even with 20 opponents on the track.

    RIDE 5 will also focus on the ability to be approachable by anyone, in order to guarantee a lot of fun even to the less experienced players riding for the very first time. Neural aids will help novice players, who will be able to enjoy a less steep learning curve and find the most suitable level of challenge. Let me be clear, a more accessible game doesn’t mean that the team levelled it down; with the aids off and the difficulty set to maximum simulation, RIDE 5 will be extremely realistic and challenging.

    The mind and the heart, they said at the beginning. After talking about the technological features of RIDE 5, it’s time to address the emotional ones, which come to life in different ways. The first is to offer an experience that anyone can identify. In fact, RIDE 5 allows to ride on real or original circuits and roads, to develop your own bikes, to change their livery (using your own or those created by other users, thanks to the in-game Editor), and to customize the rider. And above all, RIDE 5 gives you the possibility to ride motorcycles that are not the ones you see in the world championship – prerogative of a small handful of super riders – on the contrary, you can ride the bikes you see at the dealer, the ones you’ve always dreamt of buying or that, maybe, you already own.

    Finally, riding a motorcycle in RIDE 5 means feeling the real adrenaline of speed, it means being one with the bike, feeling you have complete control. And if you can feel all of this while also enjoying breathtaking views, immersing yourself in the beauty of the world around you (obviously riding wide-open throttle), even better. This is the case, for example, of the new original track that will debut in RIDE 5, which will be set in the Pacific. It will be visually stunning but also very demanding, combining suggestive views with challenging corners and braking points, adding several reasons of interest to the environment.

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