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    Rage 2 Extended Trailer- Highlights!

    Bethesda has revealed a new extended gameplay video called “Eden Assault”, showcasing more gameplay and mechanics of the game.

    “Long Story Short” summary

    Your character came from a place called “Vineland”, where you have to leave after it was attacked by another gang, the “Authority”. Here are the few noticeable key features :

    • Seamless experience, no loading screen apparently
    • Sets 30 years after events in first rage game
    • Set with diff place designs from jungles, space centres, wetlands, jungles, cities and more
    • Crispy shots and flaky explosions to boot
    • Previous boomerang type throwing weapon the Wingstick comes with a variety of abilities all the way to curving homing abilities
    • Few enemy factions including the “goon squad” lawless, careless, crazy all the way to “Shrouded” elite tech savvy bandits with cloaking abilities
    • New slam attack from high jumps, slamming to the ground creati8ng shock waves affecting and pushing enemies around
    • Overdrive meter will fill up and enrage your character, enhancing gunshots and unlocking special abilities for each weapon
    • New ability revealed” Shatter”, a kinetic blast of energy
    • New enemy large type mutants
    • Enemies will interact with each other at the end of the trailer in a crazy way
    • Vehicles battles are enhanced with new enemies type depending on their factions and Tanky convoys to loot; kinda reminds me of this movie:
    • this movie is called “Fury” while this game is called “Rage” hmm resemblance much
    • Vehicle enemies will deploy electrical grid as traps, you need to dodge it
    • New vehicle weapons such as called ” Hellfire Mortar” raining bombs to the sky and more

    The release date is still unknown for now but the game is tentatively set for 2019 launch for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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