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    Quakecon 2018 keynote highlights: DOOM Eternal, Quake Champions goes F2P

    Quakecon 2018 kicked off on August 9th to celebrate everything that is Quake and other attractions. Video game publisher Bethesda Softworks and game developer id softwares showcased their upcoming titles this year during the keynote address. Here are the major highlights and announcements in case you’ve missed it.

    Rage 2 brings more explosives and vehicles and even more explosives

    The extended trailer of Rage 2 showcases an overview of the story with explosions that would make Michael Bay proud. One of the highlights of the trailer is a convoy takedown where you have to battle it out with a line of enemy vehicles before you get to the convoy itself. Rage 2 was considered one of E3’s worst kept secrets due to an untended leak but this latest trailer proves that there is definitely a lot more to look forward to.

    Clash with werewolves in TESO’s latest expansion

    The Elder Scrolls Online is still going strong since its launch in 2014. According to ZeniMax Online, Wolfhunter will be released on August 13th for the PC and August 28th for consoles.

    In this expansion, apart from fighting against werewolves, players will also go up against the infamous Daedric Prince Hircine. The team also shared briefly of an expansion that follows after Wolfhunter called Murkmire. Players will journey into the Black Marsh, which is the homeland of Argonians. According to game director Matt Firor, this will unveil many more mysteries regarding the reptilian race.

    Quake Champions goes Free-to-play

    id Software and Bethesda Softworks has announced at QuakeCon that the game will be permanently free-to-play from today onward. Players will get access to all maps and game modes which includes Arcade, QuickPlay and Ranked.

    Furthermore and for a limited time, the Champions Pack which unlocks all current and upcoming champions is on sale. However, if the option of unlocking everything on the get-go does not entice you, the game also runs on a rotation of one free Champion every week. Additional champions can be purchased using its premium currency called Platinum.

    Along with the free-to-play announcement comes a new Champion called Death Knight which can be seen on the above trailer.

    Quake Champions will still be exclusively on PC.

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay reveal finally shown

    The finale reveals that many fans have been waiting for has been finally shown. The original remake was a major hit and it is only natural that fans would want more to whet their demon-slaying appetite. Game developer id software certainly delivered on that.

    Main highlights were the many redesigns and updates on many of the demons as well as familiar weapons we all come to know of. In addition, there is even more new Glory kills that were added and topped off with a brand new suit that comes equipped with new features such as an arm blade.

    No confirmed release date was given but the additional Switch announcement will definitely excite Nintendo fans. The team behind Panic Button will be handling the Switch port of Doom Eternal. They had handled ports for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus and 2016’s Doom for Switch. So at least we could rest assured on the porting side of things.

    There are still a lot more to come from Quakecon and we definitely can’t wait to see what else is being installed for fans. So stay tuned.

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