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    Puzzle – Battle game, Grindstone is coming your way onto Switch this fall

    Capybara Games announced an invite to Nintendo Switch players to Grindstone Mountain when the colorful puzzler Grindstone arrives on Nintendo Switch this fall!

    Following Capy’s lineage of award-winning puzzle games like Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes and Critter Crunch, Grindstone disguises itself as a simple color-matching experience wrapped in signature Capy vibrance, but quickly reveals layers of deep strategy and turn-based action.

    Through its satisfying risk versus reward gameplay, players will cut through dozens of Creeps and Jerks as the muscle-bound family man, Jorj. Help Jorj survives the complex obstacles of this treacherous mountain, and maybe he will be able to afford that well-earned family vacation.

    Grindstone will arrive on Nintendo Switch with over 200 levels, including all of the levels added to Grindstone’s monthly updates on Apple Arcade, and full touch control.

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