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    Procedural Platforming With RUN – THE WORLD IN BETWEEN

    Developer Team Run introduces a new game platformer called RUN – THE WORLD IN BETWEEN, where players die and retry games with randomly generated levels in their own way while being chased by a dark entity. Reaching your destination quickly will unlock new content.

    Game details as shared on Steam:

    Inspired by Celeste, Scourge Bringer, Dead Cells, or even Super Meat Boy, your moves will be as fast and nervous as they will be precise.

    Inside that space where everything is in constant movement, you will have to face the world beyond in order to get to the light. Get away from malignant schemes by relying on your reflexes and hoping for a better future.

    Added Features
    • Unlock memories through gemstones collection
    • High replayability to improve yourself constantly
    • Added easy mode to avoid salty tears
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