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    ‘Prison Architect 2’ Coming This March 26 To Consoles And PC

    Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven have announced “Prison Architect 2,” the much-anticipated sequel to their popular prison management simulator.

    Set to release on March 26, the game will be available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, priced at $39.99 / £34.99 / €39.99. Currently, pre-orders are open for PC players.

    “Prison Architect 2” elevates the gaming experience with its transition to 3D graphics, offering players an enhanced level of depth and creativity in building and managing prison facilities.

    The game introduces multiple floors and sandbox construction, allowing for more intricate compound designs. Players will need to balance the various needs of inmates while maintaining financial stability.

    A notable feature of “Prison Architect 2” is its advanced simulation system, which includes a behavior model for the inhabitants. Inmates can form connections with each other, making friends or enemies, influencing their social interactions within the prison.

    This new dynamic adds a layer of complexity to prison management, as players must now consider the social aspects of their inmates’ lives.

    Gareth Wright, Game Director at Double Eleven, emphasized the team’s focus on enhancing management gameplay with more player freedom and impactful choices.

    The game’s 3D world offers an immersive prison management experience, with beloved features from the original game returning in an improved form, now with cross-platform capabilities.

    Key features of “Prison Architect 2” include:

    • A leap to 3D for enhanced prison simulation and design.
    • The ability to build multi-floor structures with new tools for state-of-the-art correctional facilities.
    • Smart inmates who form relationships, impacting their behavior and decisions.
    • A newly designed Career Mode, guiding players through building and managing prisons across a new world map.
    • Increased control over various aspects of prison life, from policies to architecture, affecting the overall success and challenges of the prison.

    “Prison Architect 2” promises to deliver a comprehensive and engaging experience for fans of management and simulation games. For more information, interested gamers can visit the game’s Steam page.

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