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    Pre-Registration For World Flipper Available Now On Google Play & App Store.

    World Flipper, an action RPG from Kakao Games and Cygames, is now open for global pre-registration!

    Following the successful launch of their pinball-action-RPG game ‘World Flipper’ in Japan and Taiwan, developer Kakao Games in association with Cygames has just announced that the global pre-registration for the game is now available on the Google Play and iOS’s App Store for the Southeast Asia region.

    Pre-registration bonus and goal!
    As the pre-registration begins, the developer has shared that players can get in-game rewards by reaching the pre-registration goals, including the 4-star exclusive unit Arisa, and in-game currency, Lodestar Beads.

    Arisa unlocked!

    At the time of writing, the game’s site has shown that the 100k pre-registration milestone has been met, guaranteeing players the free 4-star unit, Arisa.

    Pre-registration link:

    World Flipper is a pinball action game that combines nostalgic 2D pixel graphics with RPG elements. There are multiple playable units, each equipped with a unique set of skills, which can be combined with the abilities of other allies in your party.

    Units can also be powered up and gain new skills. Find the best strategic combination of units, weapons, and abilities to defeat enemies. In addition, players can participate in raid battles, teaming up with two other players to deal massive damage to formidable foes.

    World Flipper is now available for pre-registration on Google Play and App Store.


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