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    Ponpu: Party pandemonium for four sets set for June release

    Developer Purple Tree Studio and publisher Zordix announce Ponpu, a frantic four-player party game with a funky-fresh art style to be launching eggsplosively in June on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, and will support local play for up to four players.


    Inspired by party classics like Bomberman

    Ponpu is a competitive arcade maze game. Four diabolical ducks go in, but only one comes out on top of a mountain of explosive eggs. Ponpu updates the classic formula for the modern age with quick dodges, shields, and parries, raising the stakes and giving skilled players a chance to really flex on their foes. Players can also use a variety of special egg-based abilities, including hidden mines, freezing eggs, control-scrambling poison bombs and more. Competing players locally across three wildly different modes. Free-For-All is classic combat, last duck standing. Coin Collector has players beating cash out of each other, with the crown going to the most moneyed mallard. Paint The Map (inspired by Splatoon) has players rushing to spread their colors far and wide before the last bell rings.

    As well as the trio of multiplayer modes for local multiplayer (which can also be played versus AI), Ponpu also boasts a huge single-player mode. Battle against the minions of the all-powerful and destructive Duck God. Bomb your way across ten worlds full of monsters, and defeat a swarm of weird and wacky bosses in your quest to save the universe from going to hell in an egg-basket.

    Eggciting Features

    • A twitchy, more arcadey take on a classic formula – block or parry launched bombs.

    • Blast through ten monster-filled worlds in story mode and battle huge bosses.

    • Pick your bird, pick your powers and throw down in four-player arena battles.

    • Break out of your shell in versus-AI matches before tackling local multiplayer.

    • Varied play modes, including classic Free-For-All, Coin Collector and Paint The Map.

    • Unlock more special egg-bombs, power-ups and passive skills as you play.

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