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    Release that sneeze on February 25, Hayfever’s official launch date!

    Zordix and Pixadome have officially given Hayfever a release date, with a new trailer to complement its upcoming release, featuring new “allergies” and menacing boss fights.


    Sneezing part of your attack arsenal!

    Challenging with a sense of urgency as part of the game’s fundamental playing core, Hayfever’s levels are designed to be replayed and mastered. Just getting to the end of Hayfever’s four seasons of levels is tough, but collecting every last lost letter on the way will require a true postmaster.

    Quick notes on what Hayfever has to offer:

    • A fast-paced, challenging platformer with cute and squishy pixel-art.
    • Who needs double-jumping? Touch pollen to sneeze through the air.
    • Gain other strange new powers from smog, peanuts and other allergens.
    • 140 levels spread across four seasons, and 240 optional collectibles to track down.
    • Designed for speed. Master its challenging movement and fly through the levels.
    • A toe-tapping, whimsical soundtrack by Knasibas.

    Hayfever is set for release on February 25 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, with a 15% launch discount on Steam.

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