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    Here’s Everything You Need to Know About FIFA 21 When it Launches in October.

    It’s FIFA 21

    Alright, we know you came to read about FIFA 21 and we’ll get right to it without further delay.

    First of all, the release date is confirmed. FIFA 21 will be launching this October 9th for Standard Edition. Players getting the Champion and Ultimate edition will enjoy the game slightly earlier, on October 6th.

    The game is obviously coming to next-generation consoles like the PS5 and XBOX Series X, but fans will be glad to know that the game is also coming to current-gen hardware like the PS4 and XBOX One.

    Dual Entitlement.

    EA has introduced the much welcomed Dual Entitlement ownership experience for their new game. Anyone who gets the game for their PS4 will enjoy a free upgrade of the game to the PS5 version when they receive their new console. Obviously, any players on the XBOX will enjoy the same benefit.

    The free upgrade is available until FIFA 22 launches (estimated to be somewhere in October 2021).

    Progress wise, EA has said that all progress and content that players earned from FIFA 21 Ultimate Team (Including players, items, coins, FIFA points, match record, and leaderboard placements), and all progression made in VOLTA FOOTBALL, will transfer from the PS4 to PS5, even back. The same is for XBOX.

    However, progress made in other modes like Online Season, Co-op Seasons, Career Mode, Pro Clubs, etc, will be exclusive to the console they started with and won’t be transferrable.

    ‘But can I go back to the PS4 after moving on to the PS5?’

    The answer is yes. Players will effectively own two copies of the game, one on each PS4 and PS5 console. However, the progression cross-save feature as I mentioned before this still applies.

    PlayStation to Xbox and vice versa.

    Players seeking to cross over to the other side, e.g PS4 players getting an XBOX Series X, or XBOX One player switching to a PS5, should take note of this. If you get FIFA 21 for your current-gen console, the Dual Entitlement benefits only apply when you upgrade to the next-gen console of the same brand. E.g PS4 to PS5 only.

    For PlayStation 5 would-be owners, if you intend to get the PS5 Digital Edition, you will need to get the digital version of FIFA 21 on your PS4 for Dual Entitlement to be possible.

    If you get the Disc version of the game on the PS4, the game has included your entitlement (probably in the form of download codes) that would allow you to download the game on your PS5. But you will still need the disc to be inserted to your PS5 to play the game.

    So, it is important that you plan your purchase, and get the version of the game that aligns with your hardware of choice.

    Next Level

    With the arrival of the next-generation consoles later this year, no doubt players are expecting to see major improvements on the upcoming FIFA 21 title.

    Calling it ‘Next Level’, EA has briefly shared on their website what fans can expect to see in the new FIFA game.

    • Controller Haptics.
      The new PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller comes equipped with a rich and responsive haptic feedback. This would allow players to experience the impact of shots, passes, catches, kicks, tackles, and hits, immersively on the new controller.
    • Blazing Fast Load Times.
      The game will load quicker than ever, according to EA.
    • Deferred Lighting and Rendering.
      The new deferred lighting system creates an ultra-realistic atmosphere in the overall football experience, enhancing every part of the stadium.
    • Reimagined Player Bodies.
      Players can expect to see how next-gen technology comes into play in re-defining player physiques, while dynamic lighting accentuates details such as faces, hair, kits, and uniform.
    • Stats-Driven Player Movement.
      Animation Technology in FIFA is enhanced and now enable players to experience ultra-responsive and realistic player movement.
    • Off-Ball Humanization.
      If anything, Footballers in past and current FIFA games feels robotic. The new humanization protocol in FIFA 21 aims to put more characteristics into them to make them more lifelike. With actions like adjusting shin pads in the 89th minute to screaming for passes in the endzone, player humanization unlocks the most authentic character behaviours ever seen in sports video

    FIFA 21 will be launching this October 6 (Champions and Ultimate Edition), October 9 (Standard Edition), on PC and both current and next-generation consoles.

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