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    Cute Puzzle adventure – PHOGS! set to launch this December 3rd

    Publisher Coatsink and developer Bit Loom Games recently announced the release date of PHOGS! on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and stadia this coming December 3rd, priced at $24.99.

    Game details as shared on Steam and official website

    In PHOGS! you play as a duo of dogs, connected via an elastic, gelatinous mid-section, on an adventure where you combine your imagination with the unique characteristics of your PHOG to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles in unusual and adorable ways.

    Stretch, bark and bounce your way through obstacles and challenges across three vibrant worlds, filled with hilarious physics-based gameplay and sneaky secrets.
     One Phog, Two Phog, Red Phog, Blue Phog 

    • Your faithful companions.
      Red and Blue are the goodest of doggos who will accompany you through your entire fun-filled adventure.
    • Double-ended doggos.
      Linked by a stretchy belly, your Phogs are inseparable… for better or worse!
    • Emotes at your fingertips.
      Pull cheeky faces at the touch of a button.

     Two heads are better than one! 

    • Co-operation is key.
      Put your heads together to solve taxing, teamwork-based puzzles.
    • An epic journey.
      Explore 24 fantastical levels stuffed with exciting challenges and creatures to play with.
    • Play YOUR way.
      Supporting single-player and shared-controller gameplay, plus local and online co-op, Red and Blue are always ready to play!

       Enter the Phoggyverse 

      • Nom Nom Nom.
        Forage through Food World, teeming with tasty treats. From hot buttered toast to chopped celery… even a river of chocolate!
      • The dream team.
        Stroll through Sleep World, complete with teddy bears, cushions and quilts, all nestled in the glow of the soothing night-light.
      • Fun in the sun.
        Pounce through the crazy toybox of Play World, exploring a beach amusement park, a retro arcade, and everything in between. Woof!

        • A hat for every occasion.
          Customize your Phoggos! Find the Golden Bones hidden throughout every level to build your collection of adorable hats.
        • And more to explore.
          The Phoggyverse contains a wealth of hidden secrets. Search far and wide to discover them all.


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