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    Battlefield V — “Firestorm” Battle Royale releasing this March 25


    EA’s DICE just launched a trailer for the new Battle Royale mode named “Firestorm”. They’ll release a full gameplay video next week. The Battle Royale is scheduled to launch officially worldwide this 25th March 2019.

    The Battle Royale mode was first revealed before the game was launched but they clearly stated that the Battle Royale mode will be launched post-launch. The “Firestorm” will follow in the footsteps of “Apex Legends” by offering 64-player support with a focus on the mode’s more immersive properties versus just another PvP experience


    “Dominate on the largest Battlefield map ever with epic weapons and combat vehicles as a deadly ring of fire closes in. Scavenge, fight and survive to become the last squad standing.”


    Battlefield V is now available on PS4, Xbox and PC (Origin) and Firestorm will be available for free for all owners of Battlefield V game via patch update this 25 March 2019.

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