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    Asymmetrical Co-op Adventure, Operation:Tango is coming to PS5

    Indie game studio, Clever Plays announces the upcoming espionage-themed cooperative adventure Operation: Tango will be coming to the Sony PlayStation 5 game console. The game is slated for release on Q2, 2021.


    It takes two to save the world

    The game is a stylized espionage-themed game requiring both players to collaborate closely, with one in the role of “Agent” and the other in the role of “Hacker”. Linked via voice communications and thrust into an augmented, fully-connected world, each player has a completely unique perspective, and must leverage the pair’s collective skill set to infiltrate, investigate, and eradicate the forces threatening the free world.
    Teamwork and verbal communication are at the center of the experience, with dialog between players being key to their progression. Only by sharing insight from each vantage point can the pair overcome the many challenges that stand between them and completing each high-stakes mission.
    We’ve attempted to evolve the co-op genre and the world of espionage with Operation: Tango, paying homage to Hollywood’s best spy thrillers – To see the game come to life via the PS5’s outstanding graphics and processing capabilities is a real rush.

    Cord Smith – Marketing Director at Clever Plays

    Game Features as shared on Steam:

    Superior Teamwork

    Be observant, keep talking, and make sure nothing explodes. Combine complementary skill-sets to overcome intense challenges against “impossible” odds.

    Authentic Espionage

    Exotic locations filled with thrilling scenarios create classic “Hollywood” spy moments. Experience the ultimate secret agent fantasy!

    Technological Toys

    Enjoy the visual splendor and technological advances of a fully-connected augmented world.

    Innovative Brainteasers

    Overcome obstacles in ways you’ve never dreamed. Each mission features unique challenges, keeping you and your partner on your toes while delivering some of the most satisfying “eureka!” moments in modern gaming.

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