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    Platformer Pumpkin Jack announced for current consoles and PC


    Publisher Headup Games and developer Nicolas Meyssonnier recently announce their project Pumpkin Jack, a type of 3D platforming jumping into consoles on Xbox One, Switch, PlayStation 4 and Switch this coming Q4 2020.


    Similarly to MediEvil 

    Play as Jack as you jump and dive into an otherworldly place and help Evil annihilate the Good instead in the name of your master the Devil himself. Be prepared to jump, dodge and bash your way through challenging enemies and puzzles.

    Key Pumpkin Features

    • A dash of colour– Go into the otherworldy levels with alluring and scary atmospheres.
    • Fight For Your Life: With challenging beasts lurking around every corner, players must master the art of combo attacks; dodging, and timing to survive dynamic real-time battles! Players must unlock weapons and choose wisely in order to strike down all who oppose them
    • Don’t Lose Your Head: Solve puzzles that focus on physics; gravity, and reflection as Jack, or ditch the skinsuit and just use your flaming head to burn books; hammer some moles, create paths for magic spheres; and more as each level introduces new and exciting challenges
    • Find Friends to Fight at Your Side: Helpful companions are there to assist Jack on his journey, including a haughty hooty owl to guide him along; and a snarky crow, itching to assist with long-range attacks
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