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    Pirofauna – Little Flame Burn Revealed

    Pirofauna will be a small exploration adventure game in which the adorable Flame sets fire to everything it touches.
    The game is just taking shape, and the developer is experimenting with which direction the game will take. As in Papetura, the mystical atmosphere of the world and playing with light plays a big role, as well as making the game world out of paper.
    This time everything will gain a third dimension, bringing depth to the paper world. The developer intends to fill the gloomy, foggy forest with life, with villages of worms whose inhabitants will have a lot of stories to tell.

    Behind The Game

    The game world is made entirely of paper, in the unique style of Tomasz Ostafin, the creator of Papetura – a game that has won numerous awards for its visual aspects (IGF Excellence etc.).
    All are accompanied by Tomas Dvorak, known for his music for the Amanity games, and Juraj Mraves, talented sfx artist.
    The game is in early production, but you can already watch a teaser and the first screenshots. The developers are kindly asking you to wishlist on Steam.
    What and When Will It Come Out?
    The game is ultimately being developed for PC and Mac, and then for consoles. The game’s release is not yet set, but the developer promises that it will not take as long as the previous game – 7 years.
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