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    Creature Comes Out of Den: Monstrum 2, a survival horror multiplayer game

    BAFTA-nominated Scottish studio Junkfish announces the arrival of Monstrum 2, its asymmetric survival horror, in Early Access on Steam for €12.50. Players who embark on the adventure before February 4th will receive bonus content, including skins from the first Monstrum and an exclusive crest!

    The multiplayer sequel to the cult title offers new monsters, never-before-seen puzzles and an original environment with procedurally generated levels. The abandoned marine laboratory is revealed in this launch trailer: up to four survivors will have to escape one of the three monstrous experiments, using all the means at their disposal.

    The hunt is on!
    As a prisoner, it’s all about exploring Sparrow Lock to brave obstacles, unlock new areas, and find useful items that can help outrun the beast and find the exit. The important thing is to stay out of sight of the monster. Otherwise, an intense game of cat and mouse begins, and only a perfect mastery of the possibilities of escape will prevent your decidedly fatal destiny from being fulfilled.

    First-person infiltration and exploration are the keys to success for players, who will need to work together to get by unharmed. Direct confrontation is never the solution. The difficulty adjusts to the number of players and with the procedural generation of locations, traps, rooms and puzzles, no part is like the previous one.

    For his part, the hunter must choose from three terrifying monsters, each with their own skills and associated gameplay. The towering Brute uses force to smash down walls, the Malacosm can teleport to its victims, and the Bhagra prefers to crouch in the shadows before striking. Each monstrous critter uses the environment in its own way to stage ambushes and trap helpless players.

    From a group of young students working passionately on an independent project, we became a real team at work on our first major multiplayer project. It is a real epic that we have lived, and we have learned a lot along the way. We are both impatient and scared to launch Monstrum 2 Early Access, and to find out how the community will welcome us,

    Adam Dart – CEO of Junkfish

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