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    Grinding Gear Games Announces Updates For Path of Exile and Path of Exile 2

    During the recent “GGG Live” livestream, Grinding Gear Games unveiled several exciting updates for the Path of Exile community, covering both the current game and the eagerly awaited sequel, Path of Exile 2.

    For Path of Exile 2, a significant reveal was the new Ranger class, described as the game’s most agile character. This class introduces the ability to move while attacking, coupled with swift movement skills, allowing players to navigate the battlefield with ease while maintaining a barrage of bow attacks from a distance.

    However, the livestream also brought news of a delay for the Path of Exile 2 beta, now postponed to later in the year. Jonathan Rogers, the Game Director, explained that while the game’s content could be ready in time, achieving the desired level of gameplay polish requires more time. An Alpha phase is still scheduled for June, providing an earlier glimpse into the game’s progress.

    In the meantime, Path of Exile enthusiasts can look forward to the Necropolis expansion set to launch on March 29th (PDT) across PC, Mac, and consoles. This expansion introduces the Necropolis challenge league, significant endgame changes, new tier 17 Maps and Bosses, and the innovative Transfigured Skill Gems, among other features.

    Path of Exile 2 promises to elevate the ARPG experience with a next-generation title set years after the original game. It will offer a brand-new campaign with six acts, over 100 distinct environments, and an impressive roster of 600 monsters and 100 bosses.

    The sequel will also feature twelve character classes, each with three Ascendancy specializations, and a revamped skill gem system comprising 240 Skill Gems and 200 Support Gems. The endgame will extend the challenge with over 100 maps, each presenting unique boss fights and league mechanics.

    The Necropolis expansion for Path of Exile, meanwhile, will challenge players with the Necropolis Challenge League, where they must combat spirits haunting the monsters of Wraeclast using the Lantern of Arimor. The expansion also raises the stakes with a new tier of endgame difficulty, tier 17 Maps, and a host of reworked content systems to enhance the endgame experience.

    Path of Exile 2 will be available on PC, macOS, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. To learn more about Path of Exile 2, go to

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