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    Overkill’s The Walking Dead

    Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd. will release the zombie action game “OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead” for the PlayStation®4 on February 7, 2019. The Japanese version and the Chinese version are scheduled to be released at the same time. Special “SKIN Sets” are available for pre-ordered physical or digital on the PlayStation Store.

    By pre-order PS4 “OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead”, players will receive special “OVERKILL SKIN Set” that can be used in the game (available on both physical and digital). The Digital Deluxe Edition will be available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store starting November 7, 2018. The digital version comes with an exclusive dynamic theme.

    The physical version of the pre-order include:


    ·OVERKILL character SKIN set

    ·OVERKILL water bottle

    ·OVERKILL dagger SKIN

    ·OVERKILL signal gun SKIN

    Digital pre-order:

    “OVERKILL SKIN Set” + Dynamic Theme

    “Digital Deluxe Edition” bundled with the game will also be released simultaneously!

    ・Overkill’s Walking Dead Game

    ・NIGHT RAID Character SKIN Set

    ・NIGHT RAID dagger SKIN

    ・NIGHT RAID signal gun SKIN

    ・NIGHT RAID water bottle

    ・Digital art collection

    ・Digital game soundtrack

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