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    Outwit.Outplay.Outgun. ShowGunners Premieres Now On PC

    Let the games begin! Good Shepherd Entertainment and Artificer have launched Showgunners, the explosive turn-based strategy game set on a blockbuster reality TV show in a dystopian future. This over-the-top tribute to action classics like American Gladiators, RoboCop, and The Running Man is out now on PC via Steam, and the Epic Games Store for $29.99, with an additional 10% launch discount available on Steam & until May 9th.

    Showgunners Deluxe Edition is also available now for $42.97 with an additional launch discount available until May 9. The Deluxe Edition features the full base game, the exclusive Neon Justice skin for Scarlett, a digital copy of the game’s complete original soundtrack, and a digital art book showcasing the game’s concept art, stylistic inspirations, and more.

    In a future society torn apart by extreme income inequality and climate change, one reality TV program gives desperate competitors a shot at fame and fortune. But first, they’ll have to survive hellish obstacle courses, ambushes, and challenges to the roaring delight of the fans.

    As a contestant with your own score to settle, you’ll have to manage a squad of unique fighters, battle heavily armed rivals, and win fans and life-saving sponsorship packages if you hope to become the next champion. Be on guard for especially devious puzzles, traps, and surprise twists from the show’s scheming director, who’s always looking for ways to bend the rules to boost ratings.


    • A Classic Revenge Story: Experience over-the-top, American Gladiators-style action and attitude inspired by sci-fi epics like RoboCop, Escape from New York and The Running Man.
    • Become a Reality TV Legend: Defy death through skillful play to grow your fame! As a star, you’ll record confessionals, sign autographs for fans, and unlock sponsorship deals for bonus rewards to help you win the show.
    • Master Challenging Strategy Gameplay: Dive into a full single-player campaign featuring deep tactical combat mechanics that will test your skills across a variety of handcrafted levels.
    • Create the Perfect Squad: Assemble your team from a range of classes with their own skill trees, and customize their loadouts with powerful weapons, implants and utilities. Level up your characters and discover new strategies to take on each episode’s uniquely devilish trials.
    • Survive the Future of Entertainment: Face off against fierce rivals outfitted with heavy weapons and cyborg augments, but watch out for surprise traps and twists from the show’s director, who’s more than willing to throw out the rules to boost ratings for his corporate overlords!
    • Let the Fans Decide Your Fate with Twitch Mode: Twitch mode* lets streamers invite their viewers to join the carnage, voting in real time on events they’d like to see in game. Will your fans help you out to keep the hype train rolling? Or will they choose to send you to your doom?!

    A free demo for Showgunners is also available on Steam.

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