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    Roll The Dice And Befriend Magical Beasts As Dicefolk Now Available On Nintendo Switch

    Publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment and developers LEAP Game Studio and Tiny Ghoul have officially released Dicefolk, the tactical roguelike centered around dice-based combat and monster-catching mechanics, on Nintendo Switch for $14.99.

    For Nintendo fans new to the world of Dicefolk, check out an action-packed overview from the developers:

    Currently, the game sits at a rating of “Very Positive” with 88% on Steam, following the PC launch earlier this year. The wait is now over for Switch players to leap into the excellently designed strategic gameplay of Dicefolk.

    About the game

    Dicefolk is a new twist on turn-based gameplay, where players get to command their turns in addition to their enemies. This mechanic elevates the level of strategy in each battle, transforming your dice into an integral part of your success.

    By thoughtfully choosing which dice faces to bring with you in each encounter, you influence the abilities that your team and your adversaries will have at their disposal.

    Begin your quest as a Chimera Summoner in a world on the brink of extinction thanks to the evil sorcerer, Salem. As Alea, a young Dicefolk hero, you encounter myriads of formidable creatures to choose from to join your group with the magic of your dice. Cultivate connections and recruit your favorite companions.

    Keep in mind all of your chimeras’ abilities to fully utilize your team’s strengths to defeat Salem and free your land from his grasp. With over 100 creatures and items to collect, the bounds of possibility feel endless.

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