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    OrangePixel Launches “Heroes of Loot – Gauntlet of Power”

    Heroes of Loot: Gauntlet of Power, a unique blend of dungeon crawling with bullet-heaven gameplay from OrangePixel.

    NOW AVAILABLE on Steam (Windows, Mac and Linux). A Nintendo Switch and Atari VCS release will be available in Q4 2024.

    About The Game

    Heroes of Loot: Gauntlet of Power takes horde-shooting and dungeon crawler into a new and exciting roguelike direction. Combining the frantic bullet heaven genre with a more adventurous dungeon adventure.

    Use your unique weapon, the Gauntlet of Power, to mount weapons in 8 directions and level them up, unlock new combo weapons, and various other additional effects to help you fight the horde of skulls, imps, ghosts, ghouls, and other creepy crawly dungeon dwellers as you descend deeper and deeper.

    Packed with an endless variation of dungeons, unlockable characters, treasures, quests, special powerful items, and randomized boss encounters, Gauntlet of Power will provide you with HOURS OF GAMEPLAY – and this is just the beginning.

    Key Features

    • Randomly generated dungeons, items enemies and bosses, you never play the same game twice

    • 5 base weapons and various unique combos and evolutions – all upgradable in strength

    • Unique items that enhance your powers against the horde of enemies

    • Over 14 end bosses

    • 6 dungeons covering 16 levels and a final boss-of-all-bosses battle

    • 2 playable and 2 unlockable classes

    • Unlockable Rune-power options to support you in completing the game

    • Perma unlockable Forged cards

    • Secret rooms, Quests, Treasure rooms, and Shops

    Gauntlet of Power is the 3rd game in the Heroes of Loot series, and also marks OrangePixel’s 20 year anniversary.

    OrangePixel is the brainchild of solo developer Pascal Bestebroer, an indie game developer since 2004 being responsible for game series like: Gunslugs, Space Grunts, Heroes of Loot, Residual, Ashworld and many others released on almost all platforms.

    I often feel like David versus Goliath – My games are built on a low, or better described as “no”, budget! And I have to release these games in the same pond as the AAA million dollar budget games, but also the more recent “indie” games that easily have 100k in marketing spend, a publisher backing it and a full promotional team to support the development team of 10 or 20 people.

    Pascal Bestebroer – CEO

    The player feedback from last week’s Steam Next Fest demo, and Gauntlet of Power topping Steam’s “Popular upcoming releases” list prior to launch is an indicator that things might just work out on this one.

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