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    One Military Camp Calls For New Recruits On Steam

    One Military Camp is the new game project under development by Abylight Barcelona and published by Abylight Studios, and now opens its Steam wishlist to new players. This new game will have our players build and manage with total freedom a military camp and train brave cadets until they become elite soldiers ready for war.

    “One Military Camp innovates the game genre by smoothly fusing city building and the management of resources and people, while dealing in the background with a grand strategy scheme to win the war”

    Miguel Garcia – Creative Director


    A vast field opens in front of you to get on and build from scratch the best One Military Camp anyone has ever seen. Do you already have the basics? It’s time to call up new cadets to train them to the limit of their strength and get elite soldiers specialized in the different divisions: land, sea, and air.

    Stay tuned for missions all over the map to send your best troops! If your soldiers return successfully they will fill you with rewards for your pride and honor.

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