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    Become The Biggest, Baddest Gator In Your Swamp As Angry Alligator Launch Now On Nintendo Switch!

    Chomp your way as a swamptastic life of a small alligator as Angry Alligator is available on both digital and at retail for Nintendo Switch, as announced by developer Backup Plan and publisher GS2 Games . Angry Alligator is also set to be released later this year for PlayStation 4.

    Be Hungry

    Angry Alligator players join a small hungry alligator on his/her quest to eat all those moves, and more, in order to grow big and strong. Chomp birds, deer, and even bear with your mighty jaws and take on big bad boss beasts and pesky tourists. Nobody messes with your home! The fate of the swamp and all in lies in your jaws.

    Angry Alligator is a fun, colorful, and semi-educational experience that shows you what life is like as an alligator. Explore a colorful and massive open world full of creatures to meet and eat, and enjoy all nature has to offer! You’ll be guided by none other than the wisest of them all, Wisecroc, on your swampy path to gator greatness. Before you know it, you’ll be messing however you can with those pesky humans.


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