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    Octopath Traveller ll Reveals Info, Screenshots, Throné & Temenos Character Trailer

    Square Enix shares info, trailer, and screenshots of Octopath Traveller ll, coming to Nintendo Switch on February 24th, 2023. This game is set in a beautiful world called Solistia, featuring HD-2D graphics that blend retro pixel art with 3D animation.

    As shown in the trailer above, reveals two more of the eight new protagonists – Throné, the Thief, and Temenos, the Cleric – as well as details of the updated job system that gives you even more freedom than in the original game, and the guilds that appear throughout the land.

    Details as shared on official website:

    Throné Anguis

    The game focuses on eight playable protagonists, who hail from all across this beautiful land. Each one comes from a different walk of life, and each has their own distinct motivations, personalities and skillsets.

    Your name is Throné Anguis, and you are a thief. Your tale begins in a thrilling city in the Brightlands.

    You are a member of the Blacksnakes, a thieves guild that controls the city from the shadows. Your job is to steal…and clean.

    “Not again… Not this stench. Every time I breathe it in, it feels as though my very lungs are rotting… The stench of blood.“

    Determined to escape the cycle of bloodshed, you embark on a journey for the keys to your freedom…

    Throné’s Path Actions

    Each playable character in OCTOPATH TRAVELER II has special Path Actions. These are skills that you can use to interact with NPCs, uncover valuable items and much more.

    Each hero has two Path Actions – one that they can use during the day, and one for night.

    Daytime: Steal – Steal townspeople’s belongings (with a given probability). Fail, and your reputation will suffer.

    Night time: Ambush – If Throné’s level is high enough, she can knock someone unconscious.

    Throné’s talent: Blessing of Darkness

    Blessing of Darkness automatically triggers at the start of battles at night.This raises the physical attack, elemental attack, and speed of all allies, allowing your party to immediately go on the offensive.

    Throné’s Latent Power: Leave No Trace

    Each playable hero in OCTOPATH TRAVELER II has a Latent Power, which they can use in battle when their gauge is full. Throné’s latent power allows her to act twice in a row, giving her an extra edge in battle.

    Temenos Mistral

    Your name is Temenos Mistral, and you are a cleric. Your tale begins in the mountainous region of the Crestlands.

    Though easygoing in your duties as Inquisitor, that all changes the day a tragic incident takes place in the church.

    “Oh dear… I suppose it can’t be helped. After all, doubt is what I do.“

    Sensing that there is much more to the incident than meets the eye, you set out to solve the mystery left in its wake…

    Temenos’s Path Actions

    Daytime: Guide – If Temenos’s level is high enough, he can Guide someone to lead them around – and even summon them to aid him in battle.

    Night time: Coerce – This Path Action lets you force information out of someone by breaking them in battle.

    Lower your foe’s Shield Points to 0 to break them and obtain the information you seek. You won’t need to defeat your target, so focus on exploiting their weak points!

    Temenos’s Talent: Moonlight Judgment

    Moonlight Judgment automatically triggers at the start of battles at night. This blinds foes, which lowers their accuracy and safeguards your party from oncoming attacks. It also decreases foes’ physical and elemental defense, giving you the upper hand.

    Temenos’s Latent Power: Judgment

    On the turn Judgment is activated, all of Temenos’s attacks will lower enemy Shield Points. Combine this with boosted attacks or multiple-hit skills and he can break an enemy in a single turn.

    Secondary jobs

    Each traveler sets out with a primary job – for example, Thief and Cleric as above. However, they can combine this with a secondary job in battle as their journey progresses.

    Changing your secondary job also changes the weapons and skills at your disposal. For example, the Dancer job can use daggers, but equip them with Warrior as their secondary job and then they can also use swords and polearms!

    Obtaining secondary jobs

    You can obtain licenses at various guilds throughout the world for basic jobs like Warrior and Dancer. Fulfill the guilds’ requests and you can obtain up to three licenses, allowing multiple travelers to use the same secondary job. Some guilds operate openly in towns, while others are hidden away. Search every corner of the world to find them all.

    Special jobs require a unique item known as “proof” to be used in battle. Only a single traveler can use one of these powerful jobs at a time, so choose wisely.

    Support Skills

    Learn job skills to unlock support skills. Each traveler can equip up to four of these valuable skills, which trigger automatically. The support skills you can learn differs by secondary job. Learn all the job skills you can to unlock them all.

    Combine different jobs’ support skills, like Summon Strength and Eagle Eye, to further strengthen your travelers. Some support skills can be used outside of battle, like Evasive Maneuvers and Vigorous Victor.

    Nintendo Switch digital preorders will be live today!

    Yes, OCTOPATH TRAVELER II will be available to pre-order today (or even right now depending on when you’re reading this) on Nintendo eShop. Pre-order to receive Travel Provisions, a bonus pack including items to help you on your journey.

    The game is also available to preorder now for PS5 and PS4:

    A physical Collector’s Edition Set is available to preorder for PS5, PS4, and Switch, exclusively via the Square Enix Store.

    This set includes the following items:

    • OCTOPATH TRAVELER II ART ALBUM – This art book features a collection of package art, world maps, and illustrations depicting eight travelers and their Crossed Path. The pages are specially bound to open flat at 180 degrees, making it very easy to view and appreciate the full-size spreads. The cover has a smooth matte finish with foil stamping giving the book a luxurious feel.
    • OCTOPATH TRAVELER II –Extended Battle Tracks– – This mini OST includes 24 variations of Extended Battle Tracks, with unique intro melodies for each of the eight protagonists, which play when taking on a strong foe. This is a special CD with song variations not included in the complete soundtrack which will be sold separately.
    • OCTOPATH TRAVELER II Travelers Bust Set – A set of bust figures depicting the eight travelers, the protagonists of the title. The striking expressions in their respective gazes foreshadow each of their journeys about to begin.



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