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    Nuon Games Releases Classic Horror RPG Cursed Mansion On Steam

    Indonesian game publisher, Nuon Games, with the support of Telkom Group, launched a classic horror RPG game called Cursed Mansion on 30 March 2023 on Steam.

    Developed by Dragon Emperors, a game developer from Bandung, Cursed Mansion is a 2D top-down RPG game that includes puzzles and branching stories. Players take on the role of Rose, who is trapped in a Mansion full of mysteries and puzzles.

    The game’s pixel art style and eerie atmosphere are designed to give players goosebumps. Additionally, the game’s unique “Randomize” feature offers a different experience every time players replay the game, making the puzzles even more challenging.

    The CEO of Nuon Digital Indonesia, Aris Sudewo, said that the company is optimistic about exploring the wider game market by collaborating with local developers in Indonesia.

    Cursed Mansion will be released in the American and European markets and later in the East Asian region, including China, Japan, and Korea.

    Players can download the Cursed Mansion demo on Steam. The full game is now available on the same platform and would cost RM 18.58 for those in Malaysia.

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