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    NO Demo For FIFA 21 This Year, EA Has Confirmed.

    EA has announced that there won’t be a demo for FIFA 21 this year due to the development team focussing their time on “delivering the best full game experience” for both current and new-gen consoles.

    Understandably, the announcement was met with some harsh feedback on the company’s twitter account with angry fans feeling robbed of the chance of testing the game before purchasing.

    Some fans have also voiced their lack of confidence towards the game and accused EA of being evasive because of this cancellation.

    Another crowd, however, accepted this decision, crediting the fault to the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected the developer’s ability to provide a demo.

    The announcement.

    For now, those on the fence about buying the game will have to trust their own guts and reviews from peers and medias when the game launches on October 9.

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