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    Nioh DLC Dragon of the North & PvP Patch Coming 2 May

    Nioh DLC
    Nioh Dragon of the North DLC

    Nioh – Dragon of the North

    Playstation 4 exclusive Nioh will received it’s first DLC coming 2 May. This DLC would allow players to explore the Northern Provinces with new story, characters, and bosses. Included also are new weapons types and guardian spirits. This DLC will be available for all who purchase the season Season Pass (RM120) and will be sold separately for a 1300 Yen. (Expected Rm49.99)

    PvP Patch Free

    Thats’ not all this patch also come with the long awaited PvP for free. Players waiting to test their skills in Nioh will now have the chance to. Nothing much has been reveal whether there will be a ranking mode or matchmaking but it will be a exciting mode nonetheless.

    Nioh is one of the best games release this year available for Playstation 4.

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